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Harrogate Lifestyle Shoot

Spectacular autumn colours for this Harrogate Lifestyle Shoot with Dawn, Mark and Nell.

I must say that I do love it when all the elements come together for a great family photoshoot and this session was definitely an example of that; a fun family, perfect weather, super location on the Harrogate Stray and gorgeous autumn colours and textures. Photographing clients on location in natural environments offers so much opportunity for creativity and natural expression. Like a normal fun family day out, it places the photography in the context of their own lives and allows them to relax and be themselves. At moments they even forget I am there! For Dawn, Mark and Nell’s Photoshoot the weather started off a little grey but that is never bad. You get a nice slightly muted feel to the autumn colours which is just as nice but different to the feel on sunnier days.

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