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Wedding in York

Wedding in York - Couple walking hand in hand

This recent Wedding in York was with Emma and Nick at the stunning Villa Farm. This is a great venue if you want peace and quiet and you can hire the whole place for your event, with private cottages and gardens, the staff are also lovely and very helpful. We had fabulous weather and a great atmosphere with fun and friendly guests and a bunch of gorgeous kids to photograph. I just love photographing little flower girls and page boys and the children at this wedding were just the cutest! Emma did most of the styling herself and I was so impressed by all the lovely details she arranged for the day, from candles, to guest boards and books,  petals, hearts, flowers ,wedding favours and confetti cones.  The whole site was made deliciously weddingy ! Congratulations Emma and Nick on a fabulous day.

If you are planning a Wedding in York or anywhere else and would like to learn more about my photography services, see the information at the bottom of the post.

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